Today, a girl’s self-esteem peaks in the 4th grade, when she is just 9 years old.

Today, women make up only 18% of the House of Representatives.

Today, only 3% of women are CEOs of Fortune 100 companies.

Today, working women are only paid 2/3 that of men doing the same job.

Today, women represent only 11% of the engineers in the workforce.

Strong Girls will dream farther.
Strong Women will help them get there.

We build strong communities of women around girls from under-resourced communities.

The mission of Strong Women, Strong Girls is to support positive mentoring relationships between college women and pre-adolescent girls in underserved local communities to help raise ambition and combat the dangers of low self-esteem.


$200 introduces a girl to college for
the first time.

Strong girls need strong support.