The Strength & Power From Within

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Councillors Michelle Wu, Ayanna Pressley and Andrea J. Campbell with panel moderator Lauren Dezenski. Photo by Eric Haynes, Courtesy of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute

After attending yesterday’s Women in Leadership: Pathways and Possibilities event held at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, the number one question that continued to ring in my mind was: From where do women who run for office receive their strength? There are many ways in which women receive their strength; however, from…Read More

“Take a leap”: Professional mentor Vicki Lautsch reflects on risk-taking at Spring Training

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Today’s Guest Blog is from professional mentor Vicki Lautsch. Vicki, who’s Director of Recruitment at UP Education Network, is matched with a Boston College mentor and participated in SWSG Boston’s Spring Training at Simmons College on January 31. Scroll down to see more photos from the day!


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SHOUT OUT LOUD: Women and Incarceration

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Women and incarceration is a rising topic that Simmons College SWSG Chapter Directors, Hayley Collins and Jennie Holloway brought to the forefront of today’s women’s issues. In the United States prison systems, “Women are being stripped of their femininity and forced to conform to being a male”, words spoken by…Read More