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After learning about Bessie Coleman and how she went from being a manicurist to being the first female African American Pilot, one of my mentees was inspired! The next week at mentoring (the week after Halloween), we asked our girls what they wore for Halloween. And the girl, who was…Read More

Empowering Yoga!

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The focus of Strong Women, Strong Girls is fostering mutual cycles of empowerment among women and girls of all ages. But after our days of formal education are long over, do we, as women, ever pause to recognize when we are actively being empowered?

Do we acknowledge how many forms empowerment…Read More

SWSG Loves to Exercise!

Posted by Rachel Spekman Feb 2, 2012 , ,

Who loves to exercise? SWSG staff does, that’s who! It is an exciting time of year at Strong Women, Strong Girls, and prioritizing exercise for staff members is a great way to manage all of the excitement and energy that comes with this time of year. As we gear up…Read More