Title IX: Beyond Athletics

Posted by Meghan Trombly May 5, 2012 , ,

Editor’s Note: Leading up to the 40th Anniversary of Title IX on June 23, 2012, SWSG is engaging the voices of women of all ages who have been impacted by this groundbreaking legislation. So far, Read More

Bullying: Everyone’s Problem

Posted by Molly Brenner May 5, 2012 ,

By Jenny Schaeffer, SWSG Pittsburgh Program Intern

Lately, it seems as if adolescent bullying and its detrimental consequences are “famous.” With his new film, Bully, documentary film director Lee Hirsch gives audience members insight into shocking real life cases; bringing renewed fame to an issue effecting 13 million kids…Read More

On Dreaming

Posted by Samantha Martin May 5, 2012

With my high school graduation less than a month away, I have come to expect certain questions.  “What are you doing for the rest of your life?” no longer blindsides me, as it did when it first came up last year. And even though I know exactly what it is…Read More