The Power of Panama

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UMass Mentor & Chapter Director, Andreia, writes from Panama City, Panama where she is a participant in the Global Leadership Exchange Program (GLP). At GLP, Andreia is being equipped with resources and support needed to become a global leader.

Landing in Panama last Wednesday, I did not know what…Read More

The Newest Breed of Superstars: Women

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In a dynamic and constantly changing world, women have not only kept up with men but many have realized that gender should not create inelastic boundaries. Rather, the diversity which gender creates has allowed women to come forward in not only the workforce but in all aspects of life. Women…Read More

Why New York City Needs Strong Women, Strong Girls

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Growing up in Massachusetts, I knew that I would move to New York City as soon as I could.  I came to the city often while growing up and was mesmerized by the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Times Square.  When I moved here three years ago from…Read More