Become a Strong Leader!

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“It was amazing to see my coachee work with the elementary students. As one of the co-directors at Boston College I know she put in a lot of work – fundraising, meetings, etc. in order to make these meetings happen. There was a great sense of camaraderie among the girls…Read More

Top 10 Skills for Success: Part 1

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It is the moment you have been waiting for: college graduation. The day you moved into your freshman dorm seems like a lifetime ago and now it is time to tackle the real world after 4 (or 5) awesome years in the college world. When I graduated from Northeastern University…Read More

A Centennial to Remember

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Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I LOVE my sorority to the depths of my soul. This year has been nothing but glorious, dynamic, and truly inspirational, as I was able to enjoy the festivities and celebrations of this momentous Centennial Year. However, before I go any further, let…Read More

Strong Female Friday: Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

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Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was a poet, teacher, and civil rights activist. Born into freedom in Baltimore in 1825, she was able to work hard for justice and freedom throughout her life. Harper used her education to fight for civil rights throughout her life. She expressed her passion…Read More