As we head into the depths of summer, when the air is hanging thick with humidity and when the laughter of girls is less ubiquitous at Strong Women, Strong Girls, I was delighted to discover Annual Snowfall gearing up for an international tour.  Annual Snowfall is not your typical crystalline water ice — they are an amazing all-girl rock band.
Annual Snowfall hails from Zumix, an East Boston non-profit. Zumix empowers over 900 youth who use music to make strong positive change in their lives, their communities, and the world. Together, through their festivals and events, they make the city a little chiller for over 10,000 community members each year. Additionally, similar to Strong Women, Strong Girls, Zumix was also honored by being selected to host a FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Fellow in 2012-2014!
Annual Snowfall has already inspired Bostonians at popular venues, such as the Middle East and the Institute for Contemporary Art.  Now, these four incredible middle-school-aged girls of Annual Snowfall – Francesca, Ixchel, LaLa, and Sarah – hope to spread the inspiration across England and France as the opening act for 51, a band led by Zumix instructor Tris Coffin.  Support these amazing strong girls on this life-changing experience!
Check out Annual Snowfall performing at the Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge: