Are you interested in gaining experience within the inner workings of Strong Women, Strong Girls? If you are interested in becoming even more involved in SWSG, you may consider applying for a student Board Member position! Student Board Members are strongly encouraged to provide their insight, ideas, and energy. The Board members believe strongly that our young college women are a valuable resource in terms of energy and creativity and can provide an important link from the universities to the Board.

As full voting members of the Board of Directors of SWSG, the Student Board Members share responsibility for the following functions:

  • Represent the ownership and the diversity of the membership from a student perspective.
  • Give insight about their experiences and the program development.
  • Develop governing policies that concern board decisions and processes.
  • Communicate directly with their committee.
  • Emphasize strategic leadership, a future orientation, and being proactive.

Food for thought from current student Board members:

“As a student Board member, I am able to help set the vision, policies, and strategic direction for SWSG. Through out the first couple weeks, I had already seen enhancements in my professional skills, and am currently gaining knowledge on the inner workings of the non-profit world. Through bi-weekly meetings, I am able to engage with other Board members, suggest ideas, and become, in essence, a liaison between mentors and the Board. Specifically, I am part of the Development Committee, which oversees the process of raising funds and securing resources to fulfill our mission!”

– Charlotte Steppling, Duquesne University

Download the application, and apply today!