I am truly blessed in my life in many ways – I have my health, a wonderful family, a passion for the work that I do and many, many awesome friends.  Standout among my wonderful group of friends however is my BFF – Mary.  Mary and I have been friends for, gulp, 37 years, well, since 7th grade. If my memory serves me correctly, we connected on our first day of what way back then was called junior high and have had the text book definition of friendship ever since – a consistent, mutual, shared positive relationship.
Imagine, how wonderful this is?  Mary and I have empowered, inspired and challenged each other for the entire time we have known each other. Without her, I am not sure who I would be, with her; I know who I am…always….I know where I stand, I know when I am making good decisions and bad and I know that unconditionally I will be loved regardless of the direction I might take, the mistakes I might make….
I recently read that friendship is “an invisible force that is real, emotional, thoughtful and wise, entertaining, joyful and full of love”. I can’t think of a better way to describe my relationship with my BFF. We have shared many ups and downs over these many years and have laughed together, cried together and sometimes, well, are just together.
My friendship with Mary has lead to many positive results in my life, not the least of which includes my dedication to empowering young women and girls through my work with SWSG.  I truly wish this blessing of such a quality BFF on all of the women (and men) reading this blog and encourage you to seek out and foster a BFF that you can share this wonderful gift called life with.