We think that SWSG makes girls feel better about themselves and helps them make friends.
I like the part of SWSG when we do peaks and valleys because then I get to tell people about my happiest times and when I was mad at that time.  So SWSG can help me.  They will tell me what to do to make me happier.  I learned ways to control anger by telling a teacher to help you instead of picking fights.  This way nobody will get hurt and you will feel better about yourself!
What I like about SWSG was the field trip and when we do peaks and valleys.  What I liked about the field trip was going to Harvard University because I enjoyed the snacks and my favorite part was the Indian dance because I think the culture of India is a culture with a lot of different things I don’t have in my culture.  Also I enjoyed reading stories with SWSG because they help me solve my problems in a better way.