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Point Park U. Mentors Hold Workshop for Pittsburgh Girl Scouts

Written by Kimmi Baston on April 18, 2018

When Point Park University professor Amy Kier suggested that SWSG hold a workshop for her Girl Scout Troop, the college women mentors at Point Park jumped at the chance. Several of them have Amy as a professor in class and were excited to come up with a program for the…Read More

Pittsburgh Mentors attend Adagio Women’s Health Symposium

Written by Kimmi Baston on April 18, 2018

By: Emma Wilson, Erica Lewis, and Elizabeth Greaves

On March 22, SWSG Pittsburgh sponsored three college mentors to attend Adagio Health Symposium: Transforming Women’s Health. Below is their reflection on the experience:

This year, Adagio Health held its first annual Health Symposium, which focused on gaps in women’s healthcare. We…Read More

Meet Latasha Wilson-Batch, Pittsburgh Woman Who Leads and SWSG Board Member

Written by Kimmi Baston on April 18, 2018

Latasha Wilson-Batch, Executive Director of Best of the Batch Foundation and a Strong Women, Strong Girls Regional Board member, has always had an insatiable passion for serving others, especially children. After an advanced education and years of working with kids in a number of different communities, she now gets to…Read More

Introducing Hank Cochran: SWSG Pittsburgh Board Member

Written by Kimmi Baston on March 14, 2018

When the invitation arose for Hank Cochran to serve on the board of Strong Women, Strong Girls Pittsburgh, he was a bit surprised. In an organization by and for women and girls, what could he bring to the table? But after discussing it with the board’s chairwoman, he accepted the…Read More