Meghan Trombly, Director of Program Operations is highlighted in this Comcast Voices Article for being a recipient of the Comcast Leadership Award. Meghan, was recently recognized by Comcast and City Year for the work she has done at Strong Women, Strong Girls. Please read the article below or visit Comcast Voices.

City Year Alumni Join the Comcast Leadership Award Legacy

Posted by Fred Maahs, Senior Director, Programs and Partnerships, Community Investment, inCommunity Investment in Comcast Voices
For the past several years, I’ve led a committee to pick the annual Comcast Leadership Award winners. The awards are presented at the annual City Year Summer Academy — the most recent held last week in Boston, MA.
Five City Year alum are selected to receive a $1,000 Leadership Grant to further support their work to “change the world.” These alumni exemplify City Year’s core values and show a dedication to community service, being an inspiration to others, and creating sustainable solutions to and for social change. As part of Comcast’s national partnership with City Year, Comcast is proud to have honored 35 City Year alumni since 2005.
Choosing only five winners is a difficult process. The nominations include testimonials ranging from politicians to colleagues. Every story is compelling and every nominee is worthy of recognition.
One of this year’s recipients is Meghan Trombly. She’s made a positive impact on thousands of lives as the Director of Operations for Boston’s Strong Women, Strong Girls, a mentoring program that builds cycles of mutual empowerment for young women. Let’s hear from Meghan…
One of City Year’s inspirational calls to action reads, “Multiply the power of everything. Almost everything we do at City Year can and should be multiplied so that its effect produces more inspiration, more service, more idealism, more civic engagement and more resources for the common good.”

For me, this has meant multiplying the power of City Year’s core values—Spirit, Discipline, Purpose, and Pride—in my life and work. In 2002-2003, as a Service Leader with City Year Seattle/King County, I lived and breathed these core values. Over the past five and a half years, by continuing to employ these core values, Strong Women, Strong Girls has grown from 30 college women mentors empowering 200 girls to over 300 mentors empowering almost 2,000 girls in three cities.
Spirit: Bringing to life the spirit of service in our girls, college women, staff and now AmeriCorps Members in South Florida.
Discipline: Demonstrating the discipline to set and exceed high standards in everything we do; even event planning with Q2Qs.
Purpose: Aligning and integrating all parts of our work, from programming to fundraising to further Strong Women, Strong Girls’ mission.
Pride: Feeling proud to be part of a movement for social change; feeling proud to be part of an amazing network of 15,000 strong City Year Alumni and inspiring network of women at Strong Women, Strong Girls; and feeling proud to be part of a community with socially responsible companies, such as Comcast.
When I was presented with the incredible honor of the Comcast Leadership Award, pride was an emotion prevalent for me.
Thank you City Year, Strong Women, Strong Girls, and Comcast for multiplying my power and more importantly multiplying the power of service for the common good. I look forward to continuing to work with you to make lasting positive change!