Through our mentoring opportunities, Strong Women, Strong Girls fosters cycles of mutual empowerment among women and girls. As part of this mission of mutual empowerment, SWSG is invested in the development not only of girls, but also of the college women who serve as mentors.

If you are interested in our mentoring opportunities, please fill out the form below and lead a new cycle of empowerment.

Become a College Mentor

  • Receive 16 hours of training of classroom training on mentoring best practices
  • Plan and facilitate weekly lessons with the elementary-school girls in SWSG
  • Plan and execute two field trips for their girls each year, including one to their college campus
  • Opportunity to take on leadership roles within their chapter, such as Fundraising Coordinator or Chapter Director
  • Receive personalized coaching on their leadership skills, mentoring, and career preparation from SWSG Professional Mentors

Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) is dedicated to creating cycles of mutual female empowerment. SWSG  provides mentoring opportunities for college women and  pre-adolescent girls to build strong relationships that allow both, the college mentor and the young girl, to be inspired and empowered.

$100 gives college mentors the tools they need to be role models.