When you’re stuck in a stressful situation trying to find important information, do people tell you to “Strong Women, Strong Girls it?”  When you hear that a new, cutting-edge technology platform is being released, do you camp outside of the Strong Women, Strong Girls office for hours on end?  Probably not.  Consequently, Strong Women, Strong Girls did not join the ranks with Google and Apple on Fast Company’s The World’s Most Innovative Companies 2011.  Nor did we make Forbes’ Innovative list.
However, Strong Women, Strong Girls has embedded the habits of these highly innovative leaders into our daily work.  We’re questioning the traditional ways of doing things. We’re studying the details of how our girls, women, and other nonprofits are doing things. We’re collaborating with others from different backgrounds who both challenge and support our way of thinking.  We’re experimenting and trying new things.  We’re integrating and connecting our work.  As a result, while we’re not transforming the way people search for information or communicate with people, we are diligently working to transform the lives of girls and young women.
To encourage continual improvement, Strong Women, Strong Girls provides staff with quarterly reports.  These reports track progress towards strategic outputs and outcomes and highlight data trends.  The reports also include best practices and emerging research in key areas.  As a result, we’re able to offer the most up-to-date and effective program to girls and young women. In this way, Strong Women, Strong Girls has created a cycle of innovation.
Each month, we’ll share with you one of the emerging trends or research on which we’re ruminating for that quarter.  In turn, we ask you to share with us your experience and thoughts on that topic.  Challenge us to incorporate the research in innovative ways that furthers our mission.   And who knows? You might see us on one of those lists soon enough!