We always talk about influential women, who made an valuable impact on our lives. It’s their stories that depict what we perceive as relatable, yet unique stories that often leave us with the thought: “I want to be just like her when I grow up.” Some of us may try to follow the visible pathways that were provided to us as readers through the confines of brief biographies typed out in an academic program, the flaps of published book, or the fine print at the bottom of an article. However, we never get to fully explore and follow the same path as our “idol”. We unknowingly create our own pathway to success as we aspire to become like ___[insert the name of your favorite woman idol here]____. As we develop in our own selves and walk in our own truths, we soon discover our own unique talents and abilities that have been dormant. Dormant, until a moment of opportunity sparks the flame of self-empowerment.
The steps that our idols once took starts to fade, but remains in the trees of our pathway as their success becomes deeply rooted in our foundation of own destiny. Humbly so, we acknowledge and reflect on our lives and attribute the stories of our idols’ trials and tribulations as the inspirational inception of becoming successful ourselves. Success, in the end, is defined on an individual basis. As we come into our own, we realize that we derive from our past, while discovering within our present in order to define for our future. Those women, who we idolize, have a large part in helping us edify ourselves; however, it is through our own self-love, self-empowerment, and genuine realization of the power within us that we can truly become remarkable for others, but most importantly, for ourselves.
Here are some women who have made a significant and influential impact on my life….who do you have as a part of your roots?

Influential Women