Norris Headshot
Dr. Aaminah Norris has joined the Strong Women, Strong Girls team as our curriculum development consultant. We are extremely thrilled to have her working with our staff on a new curriculum for our girls. Dr. Norris’ background as an educator, principal, curriculum-developer and advocate for representation and equality in the media will all be tremendous assets in developing an age-appropriate, research-based curriculum for the pre-adolescent girls in our mentoring program.  Our curriculum will continue to focus on skills that support our work in maintaining high self-esteem, building leadership and social-emotional skills, expanding college and career aspirations, and developing a sense of service. We are looking forward to an updated 3 year curriculum that will serve as the foundation for our core after-school mentoring program.
Dr. Norris is Assistant Professor of Critical Multicultural Education for the Teaching Credential Department in the College of Education at California State University, Sacramento. As a critical educator for approximateScreen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.26.03 PMly 20 years, she has dedicated herself to supporting schools and not for profit organizations in addressing issues of educational equity for low income students of color. She researches and teaches about relationships between gendered and racialized identity processes and uses of digital and social media in formal and informal learning environments.
Not only is Dr. Aaminah Norris’ background as a professional educator outstanding, but her previous work writing curriculum is something that SWSG is excited about. Dr. Norris wrote curriculum for the films Miss Representation and The Mask We Live In. while she was Director of Education at the Representation Project. We are looking forward to rolling out her new curriculum this fall with over 1,500 girls in grades 3-5 in both Boston and Pittsburgh.