Our program works.
It’s in the numbers. 
Our girls have higher self-esteem (83%), our girls’ mentors see this too (94%), and parents see their daughters becoming leaders (85%). 
It’s in the stories we hear.
“I enjoy seeing my girl’s zeal for SWSG. She has been encouraged to do more than before since she has been a part of SWSG. My child has become a better leader and more successful in her interest as a leader.”  -SWSG Parent 
As one of 33 finalists nationwide in the “Aetna Voices of Health” campaign, SWSG could win $30,000.00 to strengthen and broaden our impact. The award is given to the non-profit organization who gets the most votes.
Your vote will help us:

  • reach more girls in more cities who are eligible for our program,
  • inspire more college women to become healthy, strong role models,
  • aspire girls to embrace their potential; and ultimately
  • change the world, one girl at a time. 

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