I will admit it: I have a minor addiction to daily deal sites. Trying new experiences: check! Connecting with friends: check! Getting a great deal: I am so in!
This is one of the reasons I was outrageously excited to launch our partnership with The LevelUp! I get to connect two of my passions: finding neat daily deals while having 25% of the proceeds donated to Strong Women, Strong Girls.
The LevelUp deal we’ve got going on this week, though, I am also thinking about as a bit of an investment in my own growth and development. Recently, I’ve been reading Gretchen Ruben’s The Happiness Project. Much of the work of Strong Women, Strong Girls is grounded in the principles of positive psychology thanks to the great influence of one of our founding Board Members, Professor Tal Ben Shahar. So, I’ve been looking forward to reading how Ruben puts the core principles of positive psychology into practice.
I’ll leave it to you to read the book, but two of the core practices that Ruben finds most impactful in her own pursuit of happiness are: connecting with others and making room for creativity and exploration.
I find both of these elements at play in the deal we’ve got going on this week at The Clayroom! Starting at just $10 I can explore my inner artist, kick back with friends, and walk a way with a mug to support my love of all things tea. While I may never become the “Monet of Clay,” taking time to be creative and try something where I can enjoy the fun of failing (yes, you read that right!) I know will help me to think more creatively and openly about the exciting work we’re doing here at Strong Women, Strong Girls.