Pink and black balloons laced the interior of the Miami-Dade Wolfson conference room, adding some SWSG flair for AmeriCorps Orientation on Friday, September 9th and SWSG Fall Training on Saturday, September 10th.  Both days were composed of workshops that provided excellent information aimed at preparing members and volunteers for a powerful year of service.  Topics covered included time management, office etiquette, and networking.
Bethany Copeland, the Special Projects Manager at City Year Miami, gave an eloquent speech during Friday’s orientation about the importance of community service. Her address reminded us that being agents of change within our communities is vital. To reiterate that point, Bethany told a short story about a young girl throwing starfish into the ocean. The account illustrated how each of us can make a difference, whether big or small. Additionally, Lindsay prompted mentors to write a letter to their future selves reflecting upon their AmeriCorps year at SWSG. It was an outstanding way to end her speech since it exemplified part of the SWSG curriculum: journal writing. Training concluded with everyone’s participation in the SWSG cheer.
Saturday’s training began with five minutes of light stretching led by yours truly. I must confess that I stole some moves from my warm-up routine for golf, but don’t tell anyone! The day continued with an appearance by Just the Funny, which was an incredibly genius approach to coaching the mentors on working with their girls! Continuing with the Get Active theme, I led a small group of mentors in ten minutes of jump rope complete with modifications. Finally, an absolutely electrifying performance by POP Li’l Angels Dance Troupe rounded out the day. Let me tell you, these girls know how to work it!
As we begin the new mentoring year, I end this post with the famous words of Mary Lyon, pioneer of women’s education: “Go where no one else will go, do what no one else will do.”