Editor’s Note: Welcome to Sue Quinn, who will  be supporting SWSG as the new Leadership Coach Liaison for the Strong Leaders program in Pittsburgh!  As part of her work, once a month Sue will be posting her column “Leadership Circle”, in which she will field questions from our Leadership Coaches around issues related to their work with their mentees.  If you have a question for Sue, please email her at AskSue(at)SWSG.org.
By Sue Quinn
There are many ways to describe a “leader”.  I like this definition from The Authentic Leader, by Robert P. Crosby, “A person with integrity and a high order of self-awareness who will decisively take risks and openly guide others into the unknown future.”
For me, it all started when I was 14, slightly older than the primary school girls our dedicated SWSG college women are mentoring.   I was asked to coach a community softball team and I had no softball experience!  In my early 20s I was promoted to my first professional leadership role and experienced one of my most difficult challenges – transitioning from peer to boss.   I succeeded because strong women mentored me and I am dedicated to paying it forward.
Now I am a second-year adult Leadership Coach for SWSG Pittsburgh, PA, and have been asked to take on a new volunteer role: Leadership Coach Liaison, responsible for communication and support to ensure the success of our Strong Leaders pilot program.  My experience includes 30+ years of leadership and mentoring.  I have held management roles with Fortune 100 corporations and small entrepreneurial businesses in broad range of industries.  Most recently I was VP of Operations for a regional medical equipment distributor.
We are launching this column as an interactive resource for our new and emerging adult Leadership Coaches.  It will be a forum for questions and answers, and reflections on leadership principles.  In the months to come I welcome your questions about leadership and mentoring challenges you are experiencing with your mentees.   And as appropriate, I will share my experiences, observations as a Leadership Coach and Liaison, and references to relevant leadership books and articles.
I look forward to hearing from you.  Please “Ask Sue” by submitting your questions and suggestions to AskSue(at)swsg.org.