On Friday, November 11, Strong Women, Strong Girl was part of a news piece by NECN about ways people can take action during this time of protest and anger after the presidential election’s outcome. “Regardless of party-affiliation and who is in office, Morley hopes the election will be a catalyst for people to get involved long after the rally crowds disperse,” Abbey Niezgoda, of NECN Boston, reports. Check out the full article here!
This week, our mentoring program’s curriculum features Hillary Clinton for girls to learn about the power of advocacy. Over 1,000 girls will read her biography to learn more about advocacy and leadership as a symbol of strength through whatever life throws at you. Presidential candidates fight for what they believe in, and we at SWSG believe in the power of mentoring young girls to dream and do. So we will be relentless in fighting for that belief.


“We feel almost reinvigorated that we need to keep doing this work even more now,” Executive Director Siiri Morley said. “We have to make that girls are seeing this isn’t an ending point.”

“Instead of feeling a sense of frustration or despair which everyone is processing in different ways,” Morley said. “We can say okay how do we keep riding the coattails of this?” No matter what each person’s personal opinion is of this election, we can all agree that it gives us a lot to think about in terms of women having equal opportunities and being able to lead at the highest level of our country. We are lucky to have by our side so many supportive women, regardless of each other’s party-affiliation. We hope that even more women and men in the Boston area will join us in continuing to inspire girls to dream and do – and to build on the momentum of inspiration that they feel with a role model like Hillary Clinton.
We cannot be what we cannot see, therefore it is imperative that we all continue to hold each other up to the highest form of support. For, if we believe that we are powerless, change will not happen. We can still teach our young girls that it is still worth it for girls and women to be brave, it’s not too late.

We can’t build a community alone. Start getting involved with us today!
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