It’s that time of year again.  SWSG mentors across the country are putting on caps and gowns, moving out of dorm rooms, and moving on to the next phase of their lives.  For all of our senior mentors, this is an exciting time.  Many of them will upgrade to an apartment, start their first full-time job, or prepare for graduate school in the fall.  At SWSG, we look forward to learning about your next chapter, and we hope you will keep us posted!
SWSG Mentor Charlotte Steppling’s next step begins this July in Madagascar, where she will spend the next two and a half years teaching English as a second language with the Peace Corps.  She’ll start this journey by living with a host family in Madagascar, who will teach her about culture and language.
A world traveller, outstanding mentor to girls at Sto-Rox Elementary, and peer leader, the Peace Corps seems like a perfect fit for Charlotte.  What motivates her?  The satisfaction of “the simple act of giving back through knowledge and action.”  Check out this press release about Charlotte’s Peace Corps appointment.  Beautiful words from a beautiful person.
How has SWSG impacted Charlotte?
“SWSG has shaped me into a better woman. Through SWSG I have been able to experience the value of service.”  During her time with SWSG, Charlotte says she “gained leadership skills, improved my knowledge on collaborative thinking, and most importantly gained an appreciation and larger love for life.”
Will she bring SWSG to Madagascar?
Charlotte is already planning to connect her passion for SWSG to her service in Madagascar.  “As I propel into these next two and half years, to serve in the Peace Corps, I can only begin to brainstorm how I will be able to keep a SWSG presence in my life. I plan on starting a girls empowerment and mentoring group during my service in Madagascar.”
We know you will, Charlotte, and we can’t wait to learn about your adventures. Congratulations, Charlotte and ALL of our graduating mentors!  SWSG is proud of you!
How has SWSG impacted your life?  Where will you go after graduation?  
SWSG wants to know!  Keep us posted by contacting SWSG staff.