During the Spring semester of our program, SWSG teaches the girls that importance of giving back to their community through our service projects curriculum. As the girls learn how to create a newspaper and write about different themes and topics of their choice, the Northeastern University SWSG Chapter decided to take one step further and plan a field trip around giving back!
Focused on service, Fieldtrip Coordinator Kara Blue and Assisting Fiedltrip Coordinator, Ali Fraenkel, planned a service-day filled with excitement and fun! Girls from each of their sites were able to engage in three work shops, learn about other girls service organizations, and a performance! Box of Cookies was a workshop focused on a decorating boxes for each community organization or school that each of the girls hail from or partnership that the Chapter has formed. Well Wish Notes workshop focused on writing notes that will be placed into backpacks for children on their first day of school. The last workshop focused on making coloring books for children at the local Children’s Hospital.
After the workshops, several other girl serving organizations like Girl Scouts, Big Sisters Association, and Wonder Women of Boston came out to talk about their work in their own respective organizations! The day ended with an ice cream social and a performance by and brief teaching of a song and dance by Pitch Please!, an all female acappella group!