by Charlotte Steppling
I have been a member of Strong Women, Strong Girls for a year now, and I am on the Executive Board at Duquesne University. Recently, I was accepted onto the National Board of SWSG. As a student Board member, I am able to help set the vision, policies, and strategic direction for SWSG.
Though it has only been a couple weeks, I have seen enhancements in my professional skills, and am gaining knowledge of the inner workings of the non-profit world. Through bi-weekly meetings, I am able to engage with other Board members, suggest ideas, and become, in essence, a liaison between mentors and the Board. Specifically, I am part of the Development Committee, which oversees the process of raising funds and securing resources to fulfill our mission.
As I work toward my future, this chance to improve my skills and get insight on non-profit work is crucial. I plan on joining the Peace Corps soon after graduating with my Masters, and soon thereafter, I plan to work for a non-profit organization. The Board has offered me a supportive and influential network of professional individuals with whom I can share ideas and ask questions.
This entire experience has allowed me to truly comprehend and value the work that SWSG does. I am thankful for having been offered this amazing opportunity.
Always remember- “We are strong, we are proud, and we are not afraid to shout it out loud!!! SWSG!”