SWSG South Florida Executive Director, Rhea Beck, is an Iron Woman!
On October 5, 2012, Rhea was honored as the IronFlower Woman of the Year by IronFlower Fitness in Miami. This awards ceremony honors women who have worked for or maintained businesses that have contributed to the lives of women in Miami. Rhea was selected for outstanding leadership of Strong Women, Strong Girls in South Florida.
The October 5th awards ceremony included a cocktail reception and silent auction to raise money for the American Cancer Society, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Rhea was among the great company of Miami’s top female entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and mentors.
The mission of IronFlower Fitness is “to increase health, fitness and confidence while empowering women with the latest fun yet effective fitness disciplines, lifestyle workshops and social events to create a happier, healthier, confident woman.”
Congratulations, Rhea! SWSG is proud to have the IronFlower Woman of the Year on its team.