The all-women’s singing ensemble Women of the World was founded in 2008 by a Berklee College of Music alumna, Ayumi Ueda. The international student from Japan brought together  “like-minded musicians…to create a community of women from all over the world  to create music for peace.” What started out as the dream of a young woman in college became a successful and  inspirational reality; the group now has 10 members from Mexico, India, Italy, Japan, Haiti, and the United States. They focus on folk and traditional music from all over the world, and celebrate different cultures by performing in more than 17 different languages.
Women of the World has received much recognition for its unique abilities and work. Its members have been able to perform in some of the most well-known arenas in the world, and have collaborated with many award-winning American and international musicians. Women of the World uses its performances and tours to promote peace and unity, and acts as an agent of change through the members’ common passion and dedication to music.
On February 25th, the Women of the World will be holding a concert at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston at 8:15pm. The Spring concert is called Koloro (or color), in the language Esperanto. The language was specifically chosen for its roots as a common language throughout the world.  A main feature of the show will be the World Peace Choir, a showcase of more than 50 woman musicians from all over the world in an effort to promote their mission of spreading peace through music. The group is a great example of strong women achieving great things!

Renata Bule is an undergrad Public Health student at Simmons College, a mentor with SWSG at the Dever Elementary School, and the Spring Program Intern for Boston’s office. In her free time, she often video chats with her family (and dog!) in St. Louis, Missouri. Renata loves mentoring with SWSG because of the relationships that she forms with the entire SWSG community, from the girls she works with, to her co-mentors, to the Boston Staff!