Spring 2022 Pittsburgh Mentor Training

Welcome to the Spring 2022 Semester of Strong Women, Strong Girls! While we hoped to join together in person for this year’s training events, the spread of the Omicron COVID variant and resulting changes to university campus attendance plans have led us to switch back to the virtual format.

However, we are pleased to offer you a wider variety of sessions this semester focused not only on youth development and being in the mentoring space, but also on professional development for you!

This semester’s virtual event will be specific to Pittsburgh chapters & mentors. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your local SWSG staff and fellow chapters locally, as well as hear from our national CEO, Natalie Martinez.

Training will occur in a conference-style format with sessions from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Saturday, January 22. Depending on your role this semester, your start and end times will vary. If you are a chapter director or a site leader, you may have additional sessions on a different date. 

Your attendance and proof of attendance is required to serve as a member of Strong Women, Strong Girls this semester. If you are unable to attend training live on Saturday, January 22, all sessions will be available to view on Monday, January 24. You will still complete a survey and attendance form by Sunday, February 6. NEW MENTORS: Your make-up training for SWSG 101 and DBIE 101 will be a live Zoom session on Friday, Feb. 4, from 3-5 p.m.

So, what do you need to do?


  1. Complete the Registration Form 
  2. Find and Follow Your Itinerary
  3. Complete Survey and Proof of Attendance
  4. Complete Other Requirements


All chapter members must fill out a registration form so that the SWSG office and your chapter leadership can track your participation and communicate with you effectively. Please fill out the registration form in its entirety and carefully review the policies and procedures documents associated with your role. 


You will be asked to upload materials for your clearances during registration. If you don’t have them yet, you can upload them later. 

Pittsburgh Clearance Instructions



Are you mentoring this semester? 
Are you new to SWSG?  YES You are a “New Mentor” N/A
NO You are a “Returning Mentor” You are an “Advocate”


New Mentor Itinerary 

Returning Mentor Itinerary 

Returning Advocate Itinerary 


Time Session Description Zoom Link Youtube Link (MAKEUP TRAINING ONLY)
9-9:30 a.m. Welcome Kick off the semester with a message from Natalie Martinez, the CEO of Strong Women, Strong Girls and Kimmi Baston, the Managing Director of Strong Women, Strong Girls Pittsburgh. They will share important updates about the organization and provide critical instructions for your training. Click to Join Click Here

10:20 a.m.

SWSG 101 (New Mentors) Welcome to SWSG! Learn about our history and the basics of being an effective mentor.This is an introductory session for new mentors to learn about the mission and structure of SWSG with an opportunity to see a program day simulation. Click to Join Click Here

10:20 a.m.

Positive Intelligence (Returning Mentors & Advocates) Learn about professional success and personal fulfillment through the power of positive intelligence in this professional development session with Sheila Roux from Lead beyond Coaching.  Click to Join (Same as Welcome link) Click Here

11:20 a.m.

Youth Development Panel (New & Returning Mentors) A panel of active site facilitators and community partners will answer discussion questions from the group and examine the impacts of the pandemic on our mentees’ social development in their experience.  Click to Join Click Here
12-12:50 p.m. Financial Literacy (New & Returning Mentors) Gain the skills and knowledge to make informed and effective decisions with your financial resources in this professional development session with Anna Frank with FC Banking.  Click to Join Click Here
1-1:50 p.m. DBIE 101 (New Mentors) This introductory session for new mentors will focus on DBIE efforts within SWSG and allow for qualitative self and mentee reflection of cultural humility and the SWSG pillars on accessibility, gender inclusivity, and anti-racism.  Click to Join Click Here
1-1:50 p.m. DBIE Panel (Returning Mentors & Advocates) This session is focused on Diversity, Belonging, Inclusion, and Equity will provide a holistic view of the youth we serve and the communities they live in, examining current accessibility challenges, and structural inequities and how this affects mentorship practices.  Click to Join Click Here
2-2:50 p.m. Understanding Challenging Behaviors (New & Returning Mentors) In this workshop with the Mentoring Partnership, get insight to becoming an effective mentor with tools of compassion and empathy to recognize, understand and act on difficult behaviors with a mentee.  Click to Join Click Here
Wed. Feb. 9 6:30-8 p.m. Site Leader Salesforce Training In this session, learn more about the role and responsibilities that come with being a trained site leader, and become equipped to navigate the data collection platform, Salesforce.  Click to Join Click Here


After completing all required training sessions, complete the associated survey and proof of attendance form. 

Session Survey/Proof of Attendance Form
SWSG 101 (New Mentors) Click Here
Positive Intelligence
(Returning Mentors & Advocates)
Click Here
Youth Development Panel (New & Returning Mentors) Click Here
Financial Literacy (New & Returning Mentors) Click Here
DBIE 101 (New Mentors) Click Here
DBIE Panel (Returning Mentors & Advocates) Click Here
Understanding Challenging Behaviors (New & Returning Mentors) Click Here
Site Leader Salesforce Training Click Here


Mandated Reporter Training

We strongly encourage all mentors to complete Mandated Reporter Training and submit their certificate to Strong Women, Strong Girls. One mentor at each site is required to complete Mandated Reporter Training and submit their certificate to Strong Women, Strong Girls. Follow these instructions to complete Pennsylvania Mandated Reporter Training at this link. 

Policies & Procedures

While completing your registration form, you are asked to review the policies and procedures associated with your role in Strong Women, Strong Girls. You can review them in greater detail below: 

College Chapter Policies and Code of Conduct

Chapter Director Policies
Executive Board Policies

Site Leader Policies and Procedures

Review SWSG’s COVID-19 Policy 

As our mentoring program begins to conduct in-person activities, we strive to set clear expectations and guidelines with the best interest of our program participants in mind. Please carefully review Strong Women, Strong Girls’ COVID Policy for the upcoming year. Please also review our Chapter Covid Guidelines for information about how to approach COVID cases within your chapter.