With St. Valentine’s day approaching, I hear people talking about the plans they have with their partners, how they are going to ask the person they like on a date that day, which present they are going to get, etc. But I also hear a lot of: “I hate Valentine’s day!” – a feeling that can be caused by a recent break-up or being lonely on Valentine’s Day.
I mean, it is hard not to think about these last things when the media is constantly telling us that the day is all about love and couples, but obviously this is just a marketing strategy that can make us feel a bit blue on this day. But let’s think outside the box for a moment.
If Valentine’s Day is all about love… (I can hear in my head The Beatles singing “All You Need is Love”), why not make this day about loving me?! I’m going to spend some quality time with me and give myself a little retreat at home. I’ll start by cooking Me a nice dinner, maybe an old family recipe or trying something new, inviting myself to a nice dessert afterwards and ending the night with a good movie like Persepolis or Little Miss Sunshine. And remember, let’s not make it a love-related movie!
We need to remember that before anything else in life, we need to learn to love ourselves, because if we do, everything else we set our minds to will be done with real passion! So whether you have someone with whom to share this day or not, don’t worry too much about it and enjoy yourself.
NOTE: The picture is from the book Great Gals, Inspired Ideas for Living a Kick-Ass Life by Summer Pierre.