Our SWSG mentors have spent countless amount of hours preparing and meeting with strong girls across Boston, Pittsburgh, and South Florida to learn about contemporary & historical women, to better their leadership skills, and to work together to serve the community.
We want to congratulate all our hard-working mentors and  inspire our graduating seniors as they take their strong skills into the next season of their life. We thought it to be quite fitting that a few of our SWSG alumnae should share some strong wisdom to the graduating class of 2013.
“Use the strong skills you spent so much time teaching the girls in your own life.  You have unique talents and abilities and you will go far in life by pursuing them.  Think critically about the world around you and be culturally sensitive, not everyone thinks like you.  There are always new things to learn, always be open to learning them, spend time teaching others using your communication skills.  Have determination and a competitive spirit as you persevere to achieve your goals!”
–Meg Hayes, Carnegie Mellon University Chapter (Pittsburgh), 2010-2011

“It’s crunch time! The darkest hour is right before the dawn. Things may seem overwhelming but graduation is just on the horizon. All of your hard work will be rewarded and you will feel so amazing that you pulled through!”
-Jessenia Alcántra, Florida International University Chapter (South Florida), 2009-2010
“The shift from college life to the real world can be a scary one.  I still sometimes have a hard time thinking of myself as a ‘grown up.’ It’s hard to go from going to class and hanging out all day, to working all the hours that the sun is out.  Whatever job you find yourself in, or wherever in the world you are, make sure you make time for you.  As a first year teacher I basically lived at school.  Don’t do that.  Go to the gym, go out to dinner, even if you’re exhausted!”
–Kristine Allocca, Boston College Chapter (Boston), 2007-2009
Do you have any strong wishes for our graduating seniors? Share below!