For students and professionals alike, September symbolizes a time of new found excitement and energy. For our college mentors, the new school year has begun, and they are now looking toward starting or renewing their commitment to serving as mentors for the girls in our amazing programs. There is no doubt that the girls are also counting down the days until they are reunited with their mentors from last year or meeting new mentors! In both the Boston and Pittsburgh SWSG offices, we are especially enthusiastic. After a summer of planning and preparation, we cannot wait to immerse ourselves in the passion of the SWSG community and to share some exciting new changes with you.

In both Boston and Pittsburgh, training was held on September 20th.

Thanks to Sue DeAmato, our incredible Tufts Chapter Campus Coach, Boston held training at the Tufts School of Medicine in Chinatown. Participants had a rich and rewarding day, filled with informative and thought-provoking workshops from a number of captivating facilitators. They will also got a peek at SWSG’s exciting new brand!

Our Pittsburgh office  held their training at Carlow University. Attendees learned more about our new brand, met our new staff members, and participated in various enriching workshops.

Both new and returning mentors had the opportunity to strengthen their mentoring skills and engage with peers and workshop facilitators to prepare for the upcoming semester. We had a host of enriching workshops, including an interactive presentation from True Story Theatre (in Boston) that brought the experiences of our mentors to life, as well as a diversity workshop that created a safe space for this important dialogue. In Pittsburgh, attendees became familiar with topics like positive youth development, advanced listening and communication skills, and adaptive leadership.


As always, we couldn’t have put this event together without strong support from our communities. Boston is thankful for the strong and consistent support from our presenting sponsor BMC HealthNet Plan, who enabled us to continuously strengthen our high-quality programming. Thanks to generous donations from Whole Foods (located at Charles River Plaza), Andre’s Cafe, Dave’s Fresh Pasta and Cafe de Boston, we were able to provide delicious food throughout the day. Pittsburgh is ecstatic for the support of Carlow University and our wonderful campus coach, Carrie Benson, for inviting us to use their beautiful campus. Bruegger’s Bagels continues to support SWSG by supplying breakfast for our guests and Panera Bread will be feeding us all a nutritious lunch!

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