Strong Women, Strong Girls at Point Park University was recently highlighted for its the growth and impact in the local Pittsburgh community.
Point Park University’s newspaper features SWSG’s role in teaching elementary-school girls about female role models and the importance of going to college. This semester, the Point Park chapter received funding from United Student Government for the first time. It has grown to engage 18 mentors at four sites.
Danielle Stelzer, a senior psychology major and SWSG mentor, discusses the impact the program has had on the girls.
“When they say ‘This is something I want to do,’ we can be there to encourage it and interact with them about it,” Stelzer said. “Whereas if they just have it, and no one’s really paying attention to it, then they might just lose interest in it and forget about it.”
SWSG mentors also emphasize the role that mentoring has played in their college experience. Stelzer said the program is a great way for freshmen to find their way into their own accepting community. “It sort of gives you the same thing that you are trying to do for the girls,” Stelzer said. “If anyone is having a problem, you can bring it up at the meeting; it gives you a little support system, too.”
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