“What we want to do is ensure that every girl can realize her dreams and potential.” – Tracy Fagan Duffy, Boston’s Regional Board Chair. On Thursday, June 11th, Strong Women, Strong Girls alumnae, mentors, staff, board members, and joined our founder, Lindsay Hyde, and Boston Executive Director Siiri Morley at the Phillips Brooks House at Harvard University to remember our roots and celebrate our next chapter of SWSG. It was truly inspiring to unite the many generations of leadership within this organization, at the place where it all began. SWSG began in 2000 as a student organization founded by Lindsay Hyde at Harvard’s Phillips Brooks House Association, serving only a few girls throughout the Boston area. Following Lindsay’s graduation in 2004, she grew it into a national organization. This year, SWSG year served 753 girls throughout Boston.

Tracy Fagan inspires room during reunion

Tracy Fagan inspires the room during the Strong Women, Strong Girls reunion.

One of the goals of the evening was to bolster SWSG’s financial resources, with a focus on building funding for mentoring supplies that college women use each week with girls. We are thrilled to have exceeded our goal by raising nearly $10,000. If you have not yet, please consider making a contribution to this effort through our secure donation page.
There was a sense of optimism, empowerment, and growth that was fostered within the Phillips Brooks House, where Strong Women Strong Girls was originally founded as a student group. Our keynote speakers Lindsay Hyde, Siiri Morly, and Tracy Fagan inspired the room, reminding everyone what the mission of Strong Women Strong Girls is, and our plans to continue blossoming as an organization while empowering women and girls alike.Throughout the reunion, there was live music, food, drink, and talk about how this program has impacted the lives of so many girls, mentors, and professional women. One of our SWSG adult volunteers remarked, “I helped SWSG once and I haven’t stopped since! That was 6 years ago. I love SWSG.”Everyone does the Strong Women Strong Girls cheer at Boston reunion

A powerful moment captured as everyone in the room does the Strong Women, Strong Girls cheer.

“We are so lucky to have such strong supporters who embody the mission and work of SWSG. Our momentum is stronger than ever and we took it even further as we exceeded our goal of raising more than $10,000 at this event. This funding will be used for necessities that are crucial for our mentors and girls, this upcoming year, such as: mentoring supplies, transportation and snacks for an estimated amount of 750 girls who will participate in our program. We are  honored by our community’s enthusiasm and support, and we hope to continue having that same amount of enthusiasm and support as we continue blossoming and finding more ways to positively impact the lives of young girls. You, too,  are encouraged to join us as we start the next chapter of our program. You can make an impact by serving as a volunteer or making a financial contribution. We would love and appreciate your support.

SWSG Boston Team during reunion

Our lovely SWSG Boston team!