Getting the Most out of Mentoring Relationships

Posted by Meghan Trombly Nov 11, 2011 , , , ,

Beginning this month, Meghan Trombly, Strong Women, Strong Girls’ Director of Process Improvement and Knowledge, is blogging monthly about the current research and emerging trends that are informing our work. Check in each month to learn what we’re reading about relationshipsrole models, or skills

For Strong Women, Strong Girls, the toxic and abusive relationships…Read More

The “Circle of Cynthia”

Posted by Lynne Garfinkel Aug 8, 2011 ,

Picture if you will a venn diagram. Woman A is in the left circle, a nonprofit executive who is trying to engage professional women in supporting the organization’s work. Woman B in the right circle is a corporate executive, busy with work and other obligations, trying to find ways to…Read More

Be a “Woman of Substance”

Posted by Lauren Kearney Aug 8, 2011 ,

A woman of substance is a woman of power, a woman of positive influence and a woman of meaning. To be branded a woman of substance is one of the greatest compliments one can give a woman that wants to be an “influential” female. Below, I have assembled four qualities…Read More