Boston SWSG Executive Director Siiri Morley named one of 150 Boston Women of Influence

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10-6-16-siiri-morley-110 Read about the other Women of Influence!


Strong Women, Strong Girls is thrilled to announce that YW Boston named SWSG Boston Executive Director Siiri Morley as one of the 150 Boston Women of Influence in 2016!

Congratulations Siiri and thank you for all…Read More

TIPS: How Do We Talk To Our Girls

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So how do we talk to our girls?

As you know, our girls are 9, 10 and 11 years old and for most, this is the first time they’ve been old enough to understand that a major election has taken place. For them, it’s probably not abnormal that a…Read More

Mentoring is Much More Than Playful Learning

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Positive Youth Development is a comprehensive view that promotes  civic engagement among youth and prosocial values such as: self-determination, clear and positive identity and belief in the future. Strong Women, Strong Girls mentor embraces these PYD values, including, bonding and recognition for positive behavior to help our girls grow…Read More