Become a Strong Leader!

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“It was amazing to see my coachee work with the elementary students. As one of the co-directors at Boston College I know she put in a lot of work – fundraising, meetings, etc. in order to make these meetings happen. There was a great sense of camaraderie among the girls…Read More

Donate Essential Program Supplies Directly to SWSG

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From felt sheets to clay, each week in SWSG, the college women mentors and their girls use a variety of supplies while participating in hands-on learning activities. We ensure that learning is contextualized and impactful by engaging girls in sessions that use each of their senses and result in final…Read More

Nominate a Strong Woman, Attend Strong Awards

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You are strong. We are proud.

It takes a strong female community in order to make Strong Women, Strong Girls a program that can positively impact girls, college mentors, and young women.

At SWSG’s Annual Strong Awards, we’ll be honoring the hard work of our extraordinary mentors, leadership…Read More