What is a Strong Woman?

Posted by Catherine Bailey Feb 2, 2011 , ,

Part of SWSG’s mission is to use the skills of strong women to mentor girls, fostering their leadership, self-confidence, and internal strength.  Without strong women, the program would not exist.  But what is a strong woman?  In order to fully understand what lessons we are trying to impart…Read More

Calling all Millennials!

Posted by Nancy Hegarty Dec 12, 2010 ,

I know what you’re thinking – get in line! who isn’t calling all Millenials? Well, it’s true that we need you- but on top of filling a need in your community, you’ll have fun, be inspired and make a difference!

On the second Saturday in April, Strong Women, Strong Girls holds…Read More

Pittsburgh’s SWSG Leaders Discussion Empowers All

Posted by Alyssa Federoff Dec 12, 2010 ,

I think I speak for college students nationwide when I insist that Saturday mornings are rough. Waking up before10:00 A.M. on a weekend for practically anything is difficult, especially a “training session.” By title, this too closely resembles the excruciating classes many of us endure all week long….Read More