Strong Service: A Mission Bigger Than Me

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SWSG Alumna, Kiana Rouchon, shares how she became an ambassador of change through her experience as a college mentor.

In Summer 2012, I was not enrolled in college. I was left with a high school diploma and shattered hopes. I made plans to go away to Jacksonville, FL for school but…Read More

Becoming a Strong Woman through my Strong Girls

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Harvard University student, Rosa, shares with us the power of volunteering with Strong Women, Strong Girls through her personal Peaks & Valleys as a SWSG College Mentor. 

This is my third semester mentoring with Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) and my second at the Red Oak site in Chinatown. I still remember…Read More

The Impact of One Strong Girl

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Sassy. That was how I would describe Tabriya*. She was the bully of the classroom and the girl who never backed down. I took her outrageous attitude in the classroom and challenged myself  to understand. I wanted to learn about the real girl hiding behind this facade.

One week our site…Read More