Over 200 Women Gather in Boston for Spring Training

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Spring is a time for reflection and transformation. Looking back on the quiet landscape of winter, we eagerly anticipate the earth’s rebirth. Although February hardly constitutes Spring in Boston, each year around this time, Strong Women, Strong Girls excitedly embarks on the Spring semester, celebrating our many successes from the…Read More

Northeastern University SWSG Chapter Gives Back!

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During the Spring semester of our program, SWSG teaches the girls that importance of giving back to their community through our service projects curriculum. As the girls learn how to create a newspaper and write about different themes and topics of their choice, the Northeastern University SWSG Chapter decided to…Read More

SWSG Northeastern University Chapter’s “Women in Business” Field Trip

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Will the strong girls of our program become future leaders in the worlds of technology, defense, and media? Of course they will! After participating in the Northeastern University SWSG Chapter’s “Women in Business” field trip on Saturday, December 8, no other prediction could be true!

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Boston Strong Women Guide Strong Girls on College Field Trips

Posted by Stephanie Cole Nov 11, 2011 , , , , , ,

Continuing the Strong Women, Strong Girls tradition of  eye-opening college field trips, this fall, SWSG Boston’s mentors have been taking girls on eye-opening field trips to their respective college campuses, including Boston College, Simmons College, Harvard University, and Northeastern University.

Every year, each SWSG site’s mentors take girls on a field…Read More