Can you be a Strong Girl and a Disney Princess?

Posted by SWSG Blogging Corps May 5, 2013 , , , , ,

Did you hear that Merida got a makeover? Merida is the disobedient, frizzy-haired, bow-and arrow-slinging princess who starred in Disney’s latest picture, Brave. Animator Barbara Chapman was inspired to create the character of Merida by her own, redheaded, strong-willed daughter.

In the original story Merida is a strong young…Read More

I’m Going as a Strong Girl

Posted by Stephanie Cole Oct 10, 2011 , , ,

Halloween is fast-approaching, and many young women will be attending parties that have a large amount of “sexy (insert noun)s” in attendance. If you’re running late this year, you may notice the requisite prevalence of barely-there costumes in the women’s section as you make your last-minute trip to the party…Read More