To be brave… lesson learned from SWSG

Posted by Alyssa Federoff Apr 4, 2011 , ,

On Monday, I was handing out and completing Post Surveys with the girls at my site when we came to the question “What have you learned from Strong Women, Strong Girls?” I waited, giving them optimal time to complete the question. Later, as I collected the survey, I accidentally glimpsed…Read More

A tribute to the Pittsburgh powerhouse… the mentors!

Posted by Jessica Tirado Feb 2, 2011 , ,

When I started as Pittsburgh Program Manager this past January, I was asked about the aspect of SWSG work to which I would most look forward. After learning that “everything” served as an unsatisfactory—yet very truthful—non-answer, without hesitation I brought up the opportunity to work closely with student leaders. There…Read More

What is a Strong Woman?

Posted by Catherine Bailey Feb 2, 2011 , ,

Part of SWSG’s mission is to use the skills of strong women to mentor girls, fostering their leadership, self-confidence, and internal strength.  Without strong women, the program would not exist.  But what is a strong woman?  In order to fully understand what lessons we are trying to impart…Read More

Inspiration doesn’t come in the form of a lightning bolt; it comes in the form of young women making a difference.

Posted by Meghan Trombly Feb 2, 2011 , ,

Inspiration.  It’s the latest buzz at the office, at least when we’re talking about blogging.   Google “choosing blog topics”.  You’ll see the same best practice repeated over and over again: pick a topic about which you’re passionate.  This advice was echoed by Windsor Hanger, President and Publisher of…Read More