“Cast off the Shackles of Yesterday:” SWSG Simmons College Chapter’s “Women in Politics” Field Trip

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1920. That was the year that the 19th Amendment was passed and gave women the right to vote and let their voices be heard.  Ninety-two years later, Alice Paul’s efforts have not gone in vain. With the importance of the 2012 election in mind, the SWSG chapter at Simmons College…Read More

SWSG Northeastern University Chapter’s “Women in Business” Field Trip

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Will the strong girls of our program become future leaders in the worlds of technology, defense, and media? Of course they will! After participating in the Northeastern University SWSG Chapter’s “Women in Business” field trip on Saturday, December 8, no other prediction could be true!

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“What Makes You a Strong Woman?”: The 2011 MA Conference for Women

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“Never before have there been more opportunities for women to make change.”

Last Thursday, December 8th, the Strong Women, Strong Girls team attended the 2011 Massachusetts Conference for Women. This conference celebrated exactly that: there have never been more opportunities for women to make change, the words of a panelist…Read More