On Saturday, January 28th, the Boston chapters of Strong Women, Strong Girls participated in Spring Mentor Training. I always love sitting in the workshops and learning how to engage with our SWSG mentees. However, my favorite workshop this year was a little different.
The workshop was led by Program Manager, Kenyora Johnson and allowed the Executive Boards from the different colleges to converse with each other. It is always interesting to find out what fundraisers they are having, field trips they are hosting and learning about different chapters. But what made this workshop particularly special was taking the “D.O.P.E test.” The D.O.P.E test is a personality test based on how you perceive yourself. At the top of the D.O.P.E test, columns are labeled 1 through 4, and there are 40 rows. In each row, there are four adjectives, and you must pick the word that describes you the best. At the end of the test, you tally how many adjectives you picked in each column. Each column’s number corresponds with a letter: “D,” which stands for Dove; “O” for Owl, “P” for Peacock; or “E” for Eagle. After the group took the D.O.P.E test, Kenyora revealed what each bird breed meant in relation to personality type:

  • Dove: Peaceful and friendly
  • Owl: Wise and logical
  • Peacock: Showy and optimistic
  • Eagle: Bold and decisive

While I am, apparently, a peacock, there were also plenty of doves, owls, and peacocks in the room – and yet we all work well together. The test reaffirmed how lucky we are to have such diverse Executive Boards that can come together and create a cohesive group of women. We are lucky to have people from all walks of life and backgrounds in our chapters. Having so many different personalities and opinions in our chapters makes us, well, Strong.
I encourage you to take the D.O.P.E test yourself! Are you a Dove, Owl, Peacock, or Eagle?