Introducing: Andreia Soares and Gina Martes, sophomores, the Chapter Directors of Boston’s newest SWSG chapter: University of Massachusetts: Boston (UMASS Boston)!
Since September, both women have been working steadfastly to build the foundation for the new chapter on their campus. Spreading awareness and talking to other women on campus, Andreia and Gina, were determined to reach their first goal of having a strong Executive Board. With their perseverance, they hosted their first SWSG Chapter Informational Session and were able to start their work on that goal, seeking out four women to serve as the founding members of their Executive Board. Three additional women, who also felt aligned with the SWSG mission, applied to be a part of the chapter as well!

The UMASS Boston SWSG Chapter Mentors hold up their unique quilt pieces as they begin their new chapter tradition!

On the evening of December 7, the UMASS Boston SWSG Chapter hosted their first Commitment Night. The evening was a potluck, to which each new mentor brought a delicious dish that represented their culture and background. Some women met for the first time, so the mentor bonding officially began. The Chapter Directors went over the core aspects of the program and the expectations for the new mentors, along with signing their mentor contracts. In the end, each mentor received a quilt piece on which they were able to decorate and illustrate their own unique talents and abilities. This quilt symbolizes that each mentor may be different and come from a different cultural background, yet together they come together as one, under a common cause: empowering young girls!