The Duquesne University Chapter of SWSG Pittsburgh needs your vote! The hard work and dedication of the Duquesne mentors has allowed them to expand their chapter to 135 girls, at 9 sites, with 60 girls participating at the Sto-Rox Elementary School super site alone.
This rapid expansion has caused some growing pains in the transportation department. Mentors who volunteer to drive to the sites are heavily reliant on Zipcars to get to their mentoring sites. By voting in Zipcar’s “Students With Drive” competition you can help the women of the Duquesne Chapter continue their amazing work. These resourceful mentors have already won $1,000 to use towards Zipcar by making it to the final round of voting, but your vote can help them win the grand prize of $5,500!
To vote, simply go to the Students With Drive Facebook Page and hit the “like” button. Then click “VOTE” in the upper right hand corner and scroll down to find the Strong Women, Strong Girls entry under “Community Service”. Check the box and submit your vote! Let’s help keep the Duquesne mentors on the move!
Voting is open now until Apil 9th!