Supporting positive social change- Spring Service Projects

Posted by Mallika Sahay Dec 12, 2010

Now that schools have closed for winter break, college mentors and girls are all looking forward to what Strong Women, Strong Girls has in store for them next- the spring Service Project. The Service Project is an opportunity SWSG provides to girls in order to utilize their leadership skills to…Read More

When will we take responsibility for the world we’ve created?

Posted by Jackie Clenance Dec 12, 2010

It must just be me….

Most days I just can’t figure it out. When did the world change? When did basic values like honesty, integrity, helping your neighbors and elders, modesty and the innocence of youth become “old school”? Most days, to keep from getting bogged down on the question, I…Read More

Calling all Millennials!

Posted by Nancy Hegarty Dec 12, 2010 ,

I know what you’re thinking – get in line! who isn’t calling all Millenials? Well, it’s true that we need you- but on top of filling a need in your community, you’ll have fun, be inspired and make a difference!

On the second Saturday in April, Strong Women, Strong Girls holds…Read More