Launched in 2000 as a student group at Harvard University by then-freshman, Lindsay Hyde, SWSG engaged six women as mentors to 30 girls. Since that time, requests from parents, schools, and community members have driven the program’s growth. In 2004, Strong Women, Strong Girls incorporated as a non-profit agency in Boston and now serves over 800+ girls annually in over 17 neighborhoods in and around Greater Boston.


Launched in 2006 as Strong Women, Strong Girls’ first expansion site, SWSG Pittsburgh creates cycles of mutual empowerment for women and girls throughout Allegheny County and provides programs in four different school systems.

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Our events wouldn’t be possible without our fantastic volunteers, professional mentors and site facilitators.

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“This is our time to shine!”

Abby, SWSG girl

“My Professional mentor helped me identify various professional goals, and she even wrote me a letter of recommendation for a great internship.”

Megan Steinmetz, Carnegie Mellon University

“My vision for the world is supporting other people. In SWSG, I knew I had a group of people I could count on.”

Katja, SWSG girl

“There was not a day that I left my site uninspired.”

Kayla Serrano, Carnegie Mellon University

“…it was empowering for me as a mentor to have a leadership role as someone for the girls to look up to. My role as site leader really pushed me to show strong leadership skills.”

Janet, SWSG Tufts mentor

“SWSG is a very rewarding experience for both mentors and mentees. I enjoy being a part of the greater SWSG community in Pittsburgh and feeling supported by everyone.”

Katherine Du, Carnegie Mellon University

“I’ve met some really inspiring girls of all ages who have helped me become a proud woman, proud of my strength rather than inclined to cover up that strength in an effort to feel more like a girl.”

Allison, SWSG Harvard Mentor

“…one of the girls said…she now feels like a “strong and powerful black woman!” And has dreams of creating a career for herself.”

Breeann Wilson, Point Park University

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet probably over 100 extremely strong and confident women and girls over the past four years. It has been an amazing opportunity and I am so happy I got involved with the program.”

Abigail, SWSG Boston College Mentor

I watched many of my mentees gain confidence and learn to believe in themselves throughout the semester.

Ashley Puchalski, University of Pittsburgh

“My Professional Mentor helped me set attainable goals throughout this year to keep me on the right track with my job search. She was incredibly patient in helping me figure out my path, and checked in with me regularly between our meetings to see how I was doing with my goals”

Meagan, SWSG Tufts Mentor

“While I was interning with SWSG and mentoring, my Professional Mentor helped me balance my roles in each of those settings. Kathryn is incredible supportive and I felt empowered after our meetings. I look forward to continuing our relationship after I graduate.”

Lydia, SWSG Boston College Mentor