Harvard University Alumni Affairs and Development Features Hyde’s On-going Commitment to Social Change!

Posted by Meghan Trombly Aug 8, 2011 ,

After receiving support and guidance from Harvard alumni when developing Strong Women, Strong Girls, as a student herself, Founder and President Lindsay Hyde is now returning the favor.  With the Harvard Alumni Association, Lindsay is designing a winter externship to support and guide current Harvard students who are…Read More

The Power of Intentions

Posted by Susan Miele Aug 8, 2011 , ,

As summer winds down and we enjoy our last sun-filled beach days, fresh summer berries and melting ice cream running between our fingers, thoughts of fall invade our consciousness. Inevitably and particularly at SWSG, fall triggers thoughts of going back to school and the myriad of rituals associated with this…Read More

The “Circle of Cynthia”

Posted by Lynne Garfinkel Aug 8, 2011 ,

Picture if you will a venn diagram. Woman A is in the left circle, a nonprofit executive who is trying to engage professional women in supporting the organization’s work. Woman B in the right circle is a corporate executive, busy with work and other obligations, trying to find ways to…Read More

Coming Soon…

Posted by Makissa Lewis Aug 8, 2011 ,

In South Florida Strong Women, Strong Girls has the new distinction of being the only location that conducts summer programming. Some of the girls have decided to do the play, The Wolf Version of the Three Little Pigs for their service project. This play will be empowering for the girls…Read More