In Honor Of…

Posted by Kayla Peck Dec 12, 2013 , , , ,

We had many strong educators, leaders, mothers, colleagues, and mentors honored during our SWSG In Honor Of campaign this December. Thanks to the generosity of many, the following people have been honored by SWSG. 


A generous gift has been made in honor of:

  • Stephanie Simone Accini
  • Kathryn Banerji
  • Jess Beblo
  • Jessica Deres
  • Ruth Acheson Fagan
  • Carolyn Ferren
  • Ruth Geller
  • Kate Hancock
  • Andrea…Read More

Why I Invest in SWSG (and you should too)

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Strong supporter, Marla McDougall, shares with us why she invests in Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG). 

When I first learned of SWSG’s mission, I was intrigued by the multi-generational aspect of the program.  I can vividly remember my four years at Providence College and I am embarrassed to report that I…Read More