Mentoring program featured on during Women’s History Month

Posted by Boston Team Mar 3, 2015

Liz Torres is a talented, Boston-based journalist who writes for and serves as a professional mentor through Strong Women, Strong Girls’ Strong Leaders Program. Climbing up the ladder with the help of her own mentors, she understands first-hand the power of “paying it forward” to girls and young women….Read More

“Look Fabulous Share Confidence” Jewelry Line Hits More Than 250 Icing Stores

Posted by Boston Team Mar 3, 2015

New “Look Fabulous Share Confidence” Jewelry Line Hits More Than 250 Icing Stores Nationwide

10% of Gennaro’s Profits Will Go Towards Cultivating Strong Female Mentors Through the Nonprofit, “Strong Women Strong Girls”

Gennaro – the popular woman-owned and operated fashion jewelry house – launched a new ‘Do Good’ jewelry line hit more than…Read More