Fabiola Gianotti is a physicist in charge of the CERN laboratory in Switzerland. Fabiola uses her critical thinking skills to design experiments about light, heat, and movement. She asks questions and looks for connections between her ideas. Like Fabiola, we can be critical thinkers by looking at a problem in many different ways!
Fabiola Gianotti is an Italian scientist in charge of one of the largest science experiments ever! She is in charge of a laboratory in Switzerland called CERN. As a physicist, Fabiola studies light, heat, and movement. Fabiola is a strong critical thinker because she asks questions and looks for connections between her ideas!
If you have ever done a science experiment, you know that asking questions is the first step! Fabiola asks questions about why things move through space the way they do. Since she asks tough questions, she has to create strong experiments. Experiments help us look at the world in a different way.
If you took all the results from just one second of one of Fabiola’s experiments at CERN, you would have more information than all the libraries in the world. That’s a lot to think about! Fabiola uses her critical thinking skills to look at all the data to find the answers she needs. What is a question you want to answer? How will you find a solution?
Putting different ideas together is another part of thinking critically. Fabiola also studied music in college. She says that music follows patterns, just like math and physics do. Critical thinking means that we use things we already know to help us understand the things we want to know. For example, at SWSG we use the skills we learned one week to help us learn new skills the next week!
Fabiola is a strong scientist because she uses her critical thinking skills to solve problems! First, she asks a question, then she designs an experiment, and finally she looks for ways to connect all the ideas she has. With her critical thinking skills, Fabiola discovers new things about the universe!